About us

We specialize in MOST makes & models in aircons & appliances.

Repairing the broken 

Supplying the needed 

Buying the unwanted 


We don't buy for parts, we buy to fix, parts replaced is ALWAYS new, sealed in box.


Unfortunately we DON'T give gaurentees on second hand aircons or appliances. Believe it or not, I buy the item, we fix what's wrong & even though I buy new replacement parts, remember sealed in box, I pay, I exit the store & yesssss, NO gaurentee for me fixing. I mean it's BRAND NEW??? 


But one thing is for sure, we test it thoroughly, even clean it inside out & then we sell it 


NEW items ALWAYS has a gaurentee 


We are unfortunately strict on : APPOINTMENTS ONLY

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You can actually call me anything that matches with aircon & appliances ...



Sales lady... selling, supplying & looking 

Cleaning lady... you will always find the items clean

Banker... always having cash available for your unwanted 

Adviser... knowing the needs in aircons & appliances 

Manager... managing all your needs in aircons & appliances, booking your services, maintenance, Installations, insurance claims, writing/typing your reports, invoices, quotes & finding your needs fitting your pocket

Boss lady... cause here we work, playing is for later

& so you can add some more

I'm a woman business leader, knowing AIRCONS & APPLIANCES from A - Z

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